**Meeting** Wilson County Radio League Location-September 14th

Our monthly meeting will be held at

Baskin- Robbins @ 630pm

*Meet and greet and business meeting

*GMRS Repeater testing.

* Open to the public

14835 Lebanon Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138
(615) 758-2189



*Meeting Location- Date Change* June 13th, 2018*

As most of you have noticed we decided to change up our meeting locations every month and try something different. We plan to update this on our website soon. The locations will be random transitional spaces that offer something special. A few members suggested under the square in Lebanon.. but the main requirement is the lack of “no loitering” and “no trespassing” signage.. so under the square is out for now.

With that in mind, this month’s location will be Dunkin’ Donuts 1645 West Main St Lebanon, Tn 37087@630 pm Wednesday June 13th. Come out and enjoy a coffee and chat about amateur radio.

Why do you have that antenna on your car? **Wilson County Radio League**

What is that antenna for? Why do you have that radio in your car? Who do you talk with?

We as radio operators get questions like this fairly often, but what do you say when you are asked this question? Do you downplay the question by saying “oh it’s just a hobby” or “I just talk with my friends” however you answer the question is personal to you or the situation you are in. I encourage you to be aware that most people have no clue the capabilities of radios or the usefulness in emergencies or business. case in point-

I accidentally set of the burglar alarm at a location I was leaving a few months ago and I waited around for at least 10 minutes waiting on the police to let them know I was supposed to be at this location and I accidentally set of the alarm as I was locking up. When they arrived I quickly informed the officers and told them I was the key holder, and that I heard the call go out on the radio and I had been waiting on them. The officer looked very concerned and bewildered that I knew of his location and response time. He inquired how I would have known that information. I began to tell him about the local radio club that I was a member of and how we learn and practice radio operation. This hobby helps us to learn about electronics and radio frequency. After several minutes of discussion about how repeaters work and digital communications that are sometimes relayed to analog repeaters etc.. etc.. I think I finally convinced him I was not really a burglar. What I did do is use my knowledge as a teaching moment for this officer and hopefully pique his interest in the subject so maybe one day he will learn more about the equipment he uses and maybe join a local group and have some fun and make friends while learning a hobby.

If you are not a member of a club-

I encourage you to come to a meeting and learn about those people with antennas.

If you are a member, I encourage you to tell a stranger about your hobby!


Member update- ARES

  We want to congratulate one of our members Jerry Lee-W4HZB who has recently been appointed to  Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Cannon County TN. as of 22 August 2017. Jerry wanted to also welcome anyone to join the ARES net on Tuesday nights 7 pm on 145.490 pl 100. 

“If you are interested in becoming a member of ARES, please contact Bob Mitchell – W3HKG in DeKalb County or KG4IKT – Jeff Estal in Cannon County, or  your local ARES Emergency Coordinator, you may also visit the ARRL ARES website at arrl.org/ares. And visit the DCCARC website at http://www.dccarc.org”


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