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RACK Knoxville Hamfest


Several WCRL members will be at the RACK Knoxville Hamfest tomorrow.  We look forward to all the cool stuff and an opportunity to attract vendors for the HamQuest in July!

//NoahW (N4OAH, WCRL Secretary)


Ham Quest

July 30th there will be a Hamfest at the Wilson County Fairgrounds, and the league will be there. Hopefully, we will have a booth, and we should have more than a few league members around at the Hamfest. For more information please go here. 


WCRL Booth

A Fun Project

The League has been planning something that will be a lot of fun,  Build Day 2016. As the name suggests, it is a day where the League will get together and build projects we have not tackled yet. Being closed to the public, Build Day is only going to be for members this year. Building antennas and improving stations, we hope Build Day will be very productive. Jacob (W4JZE) and Jerry (W4HZB) have put lots of work into the event and we are all looking forward to an afternoon of building/improving!


Also, please remember to check out Ham Quest!  

Jeremy E (N7VXX)


Succsessfully Done

At 6:30 last night we had a spectacular meeting. Unfourtunately, our President, KK4UTQ, could not make the meeting, however, our Vice-President, K4PEW, did a fabulous job taking over. When the meeting started, we had sixteen people there, a new record. Jerry, one of our members, did a great job presenting his suberb satellite anntena that he had made, and he also gave instructions on how to build one. Our former Vice-President, W4JZE did an amazing presentation on digital radio modes.  Before we covered the presentations, the club received good news. There is a hamfest approaching this July. It will be spectacular, and we suggest checking it out. More details here. We all had a pleasant meeting and we hope next month’s will be even better.


Digital Modes Presentation
Digital Modes Presentation