League Nets

The League will strive to help promote continued communication and education through the usage of amateur radio nets on it’s sponsored KM4GHM repeater, as well as simplex when appropriate. Below are details on nets operated and sponsored by the WCRL. Viewers are also encouraged to check out Other Area Nets

Information & Training Net

Net will be on hold until further notice.

MJ_SS Simplex Net

Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8:00 PM on 146.415 FM Simplex we conduct a net to help both new and experienced Hams to communicate locally without the aid of repeaters.  This is important because in the event of a large-scale disaster, repeaters may not be available due to damage or government usage.
Skilled Simplex operators can provide valuable information to government Emergency Management centers as well as each other. It is presumed that all involved with the net will work toward improving their transmit/receive capability through improved antenna efficiency, height and directivity. It is hoped that participants will see the value of Simplex and work toward improving their ability to communicate verbally and assist Net Control in relaying signals from outlying areas.


  For net related questions/comments, please contact the Net Manager (Paul, K4PEW) at K4PEW@ARRL.net

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