The Wilson County Radio League membership is, though not exclusive, on a nomination/trial basis.

We encourage anyone interested to get on the repeater and get to know everyone, or use the contact form on this website if you need more information.

We hope that this application process will create an environment that is welcoming to people who have an interest in amateur/auxiliary communications and play well on a team, while maintaining our right to selectivity.

The League membership regulations are below as found in the constitution.

Section I: Membership Eligibility

Any licensed amateur radio operator is eligible to become a
member. Exceptions may be made for non­licensed persons on a
case-­by­-case basis, approved via majority vote by club members.
Examples of such persons include anybody that has a general
interest in auxiliary communications, included but not limited
to family and friends of existing members or public safety

Section II: Membership selection

Potential members should become acquainted with current members before applying for membership. A potential member will need a personal recommendation from an existing member, or will need to participate in a number of club activities and nets prior to application. Persons can apply for membership in person or
verbally through a net or meeting (virtual or otherwise),but
will need to fill out a paper application to become official.
Honorary/Associate members may be nominated without being present. Applications may be denied for any reason, but only after a 75% majority vote to do so.

Section III: Membership Fees

While the Wilson County Radio League has the ability to levy a
reasonable fee for membership, there is at this time no
membership fee and no intention to have one. A membership fee
can only be levied by a 75% majority vote.

Section IV: Membership List

A list of members including Name and Callsign (If Applicable)
will be made available on request at any time. Personal
information such as address, phone number, email address, and
other information will be requested on application, but will not
be made public under normal circumstances.


The contact form can also be used for any other messages for the intended for the League. They will be quickly responded to, but protect the contact information of our members up front.

Links to the club constitution and bylaws can be found on the “Resources” page.


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