Why another club?

“Why are you starting another club, instead of joining one of the many already existing clubs in Middle Tennessee?”

The direct answer is that our goals are not the same as the existing clubs.  Rather than try to change the focus of another existing organization, we chose to start our own.

Our members are proud to have a great relationship with many local ham radio clubs and public safety organizations, and work hard to maintain that status.  We are always open to participating in joint events and activities, and encourage all amateurs to check into our nets and use club owned repeaters anytime. Some of our members are also members of other organizations – in fact, We strongly encourage dual membership with other clubs.  

We recognize that the Wilson County Radio League may not be the best fit for all hams, and are happy to point people in the right direction if they are looking for something we can’t offer.  For example, we do not offer VE testing or license classes, but can put prospective members in touch with a local organization that does.  We are also NOT an ARRL affiliated organization, and have no plans to become one.

Another key difference between our club and many others is that we openly and publicly recognize that other services such as but not limited to CB, FRS, GMRS, MURS, and other various Part 15 and Part 95 services all have useful purposes, and encourage their use when appropriate.

Our plan is to put up an amateur radio repeater in Lebanon that will serve as a primary communication system for certain emergency services related volunteers.  While there is already a local repeater, it is a primary host to Wilson County ARES, and they are normally active at the times we need the repeater the most.   We don’t want to prevent ARES from having a productive net, and we have determined the best way to do that is to have an additional repeater on the air and monitor both from the command station.

Our goals overall are summed up in the Wilson County Radio League bylaws:

The main purpose of the Wilson County Radio League is to better ourselves and to serve the community by continually maintaining, practicing and improving our communication and technical abilities. The Wilson County Radio League is primarily focused on amateur radio, but encompasses all types of auxiliary communication.


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