Hamquest is here (July 29th 2017) and the Wilson County Radio League will be operating the talk in and test station in the back left corner of the venue.  https://wilsonradioleague.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/if-you-miss-hamquest-you-will-regret-it/amp/


If you miss Hamquest, You will regret it

Attention Attention read all about it. July 29th Wilson County Fairgrounds Lebanon,TN Be there or hear dead air. Even if you don’t know how to turn on a radio but you have an interest in communication, please come out and talk with someone.

Official Hamquest Website

What is Hamquest you ask?  Well we definitely will not be searching for the perfect pig.. This is an amateur radio swap meet. There will be mobiles, handheld’s, coax, antennas, connectors, wire and everything in between. If you have the cash or the right trade you can outfit your car or home to communicate with other radio enthusiast without internet or cell phone fees. All of this gear in one location, no searching the internet for hours and days wishing you could test and use the radio before you buy. This is a one stop shop.

The Wilson County Radio League will be operating the talk-in and test station in the back corner of the venue. Stop in and say hi. We are a different kind of club. Our goal is to better ourselves and to serve the community by continually maintaining, practicing and improving our communication and technical abilities. We are primarily focused on amateur radio, but we embrace all types of auxiliary communication.”  

The all types of auxiliary communication include MURS, GMRS, FRS, and more. Our club is planning to have multiple type of radio gear to showcase, including a GMRS Repeater and handheld radios.  We will see you there.gmrs btech

Foxhunt Radio frequency Challenge


Forwarding reports from
Filbert – K4MCD


Long Message follows, prepare to copy:

A foxhunt transmitter has been placed somewhere in the Middle Tennessee area that is currently transmitting on the input of the 145.170 Repeater, Tone 114.8.

This active foxhunt signal is a test of amateur radio personnel notification systems. Amateur radio personnel and stations are encouraged to use all communications mediums, to include social media, to notify and report progress.

This exercise is an actual transmitting foxhunt, per request from many local amateur radio personnel.

The foxhunt transmitter will remain on the air until further notice in order for participants to have time to test out their equipment, develop new equipment and techniques, and such.

Reports say the foxhunt signal is very weak into the repeater. Reports say the foxhunt signal transmits on a fairly regular schedule, though it is not strong enough to trigger the repeater each time.

Protocol for volunteers for this foxhunt transmitter exercise in seven parts is:

One: Locate the transmitter and follow the instructions posted on the unit. Please do not turn it off or disturb the location of the unit, leave it as you found it once the instructions are read and followed.

Two: Work with friends and other amateur radio personnel and use any resources that you have available to find this “rogue” transmitter. “Teams” are allowed.

Three: Extra Credit: Decode the CW message that is being transmitted and send an e-mail to the person that notified you of this event for data collection purposes as well as your Hunt status.

Four: Track your activities during this exercise on an ICS-214 form and submit an electronic copy to the person who notified you of this event.

Five: Report your ongoing activities via radio, text, e-mail, and such, to the person that notified you of this event.

Six: Report and record the time intervals of the transmissions.

Seven: Please do not disclose the exact location of the unit when found via radio so that others can enjoy the challenge of the hunt as well.

Experienced Net Controllers are encouraged to activate the system and do what they do so well.

Tom K1KY wishes “Happy Hunting”

Dan KM4WSX adds – similar procedures for a lost child or adult would be used, so exercise due diligence.

Dan KM4WSX sends