Radio Frequency..Why?

a3601f1e0e17ebc092cbe002404a0630Most people spend their day to day lives using and sometimes abusing RF and never have a clue what it is or where it is.

Formerly known as “Wireless Telegraphy” and “Hertzian Waves” in the early 20th century. This technology has advanced to say the least.  In 1895 some of the first wireless signal transmissions  were limited to about a half mile in early testing.

 In modern times this technology for the most part is just called RF or Radio Frequency and is capable of transmitting numerous types of data and voice thousands of miles.

I’m sure some of you are asking yourself “Why should I care” but if your reading this… I’m sure you at least have some curiosity about its usefulness.

If you are the least bit intrigued. I encourage you to join a local Amateur Radio Club, get involved in this sometimes forgotten technology and learn how it could save your life or occupy your free time.

In the meantime I encourage you to please follow the links below to learn more and stay up to date with future posts from one of our online accounts.

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