Cancelled -Cannon County Public Safety Day

Due to the serious threat of inclement weather on Saturday, the event leadership team has decided to cancel the 2nd Annual Cannon County Public Safety Day. We have been reviewing the weekend weather forecasts all day. It appears that the threat of severe thunderstorms for Saturday is a real possibility with a near 100% chance of rain and damaging winds.

In the interest of public safety, it is best that we cancel the event and reschedule at a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience.



April 9th – 15th is National Telecommunicators week.

Wilson Radio League wants to give our heartfelt thanks to all the dispatchers behind the scenes that are the forgotten first line of defense for our first responders and citizens.

Dispatchers and other emergency telecommunicators have to keep calm and clearly communicate to the units on the ground and talk with distraught callers all while balancing radio communication. It’s a daunting job and we appreciate them.  Please watch this video and thank someone behind the scenes.

The below is a story highlighting what a dispatcher goes through daily across the country.

Team Work

Stephanie Compton, Communications Supervisor, Colorado State Patrol

At approximately 1300 on June 7, 2016 we received a phone call from a very distressed young man who, along with two friends, were tubing on the Arkansas River in Pueblo County when their tube went flat. C/O Baca began working with them after they had maneuvered themselves onto a fallen tree and were hanging on as they floated down the Arkansas River.

C/O Baca began speaking with him, Alex, as she began making radio notifications to the Parks Officers on duty. C/O Baca soon realized that the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department Dispatcher was also on the line. She and C/O Baca were able to seamlessly ensure all officers, deputies, firefighters and EMT’s were kept apprised of the location of Alex and his friends. As the incident dragged on Alex’s girlfriend began to panic. C/O Baca convinced Alex to give the phone to Kiley, calmed her down and convinced her everything was being done to find them.

C/O Baca built a rapport with Alex, Kiley and her younger brother during the two hour ordeal. She showed them kindness and concern by coaching them to hang on. She displayed professionalism and competence to those in the field by asking pertinent questions and relaying the information back in a clear, concise manner. C/O Baca also developed a relationship with the Pueblo County Dispatcher as the two of them worked back and forth to keep the three teens calm while also ensuring the deputies and parks officers were informed of changing circumstances.

On this day C/O Baca and the dispatcher from PCSO potentially saved three teenagers from drowning by working together as a team to ensure all necessary notifications were made, needed agencies were on scene and more importantly they kept the teenagers calm and aware that everything was being done to rescue them.

Radio Frequency..Why?

a3601f1e0e17ebc092cbe002404a0630Most people spend their day to day lives using and sometimes abusing RF and never have a clue what it is or where it is.

Formerly known as “Wireless Telegraphy” and “Hertzian Waves” in the early 20th century. This technology has advanced to say the least.  In 1895 some of the first wireless signal transmissions  were limited to about a half mile in early testing.

 In modern times this technology for the most part is just called RF or Radio Frequency and is capable of transmitting numerous types of data and voice thousands of miles.

I’m sure some of you are asking yourself “Why should I care” but if your reading this… I’m sure you at least have some curiosity about its usefulness.

If you are the least bit intrigued. I encourage you to join a local Amateur Radio Club, get involved in this sometimes forgotten technology and learn how it could save your life or occupy your free time.

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The DeKalb/Cannon County Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring an Amateur
Radio Exam Session on Saturday, April 8th , 2017 – 1:00 PM (Walk-ins are welcome) at the Cannon County High School – Room # 115, 1 Lion Drive, Woodbury TN 37190-5240. Contact Jeffrey Kemper – KV4VV at (615) 364-3913 or check out the club’s website at if anyone has any questions.

Amateur Radio Operators also called “hams” communicate with other operators in the local area, statewide, nationally, and even worldwide. Hams also aid during times of emergencies with vital communication links. The DeKalb/Cannon County Amateur Radio Club is an affiliated club of the American Radio Relay League.