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Winter field day was a great success. Several stations were set up and calling out trying to make contacts around the world in an effort to hone their off grid radio skills so that during an emergency, things may operate in an orderly fashion.



WCRL 2016 Year End Review

 To all the amateur radio operators and other radio enthusiast out there we  want to wish you a Happy New Year and wish you luck in your new year resolutions and endeavors.

Throughout the year the WCRL has monthly meetings and other events, but I wanted to highlight just a few noteworthy events that took place during the 2016 year.


The year started out with Winter Field day that was held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. The club made 60 contacts during the contest and had a great time learning about radio communication.



Next up the call went out for Wilson County ECC volunteers:

Wilson County ECC. It is an excellent opportunity for  individuals with a passion for serving their community and an interest in communications. The ECC operates out of the Lebanon Emergency Services Unit building on Sparta Pike and activates during weather incidents, hazmat incidents, Meth Labs, and other large scale events as resource for public safety officials.   Anyone interested in learning more about the Wilson ECC can contact the league email address.


One of our members Mitchell (KK4WVR) began a walk across the country carrying a 12 foot long wooden cross. It took him 377 days to walk a “cross” america. We are very happy that he had a safe and meaningful journey. Read more here:



In April, Wilson county had a large power outage,

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this power failure reiterated the need for amateur radio operators to be ready and able to communicate without grid power.

{Last night, a portion of Wilson County lost power for a little over an hour, affecting approximately 1400 people and 2 WCRL members. There is an adage that “When all else fails, Ham Radio still works”. In order for this to be correct, Ham’s should consider what their options would be like in the absence of commercial power.}

May 2016: Antenna Build Day

The league gathered together and worked on antenna projects.

Working hard, we all had a great time at Build Day. K9ELI (Elijah) and N4OAH (Noah) made two superb 440 sling shot antennas. I made a j-pole dual band antenna with huge help from N4OAH. W4JZE (Jacob) made an awesome satellite antenna. KM4OMS (John) disassembled a tv antenna and gave us assistance when needed.  W4HZB (Jerry) helped us all make antennas and tune them. We all had a great time, and we improved our stations. Surprisingly, we only received a couple of cuts from this work.

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In July Wilson County had its first ever “HAMQUEST” This event was a huge gathering of ham radio operators and vendors that sold a massive variety of equipment. We had bunches of people come to HamQuest all day long. Almost all of the tables were full during the event. We also had a great tailgating section. Ham World was in a temporary store beside the event, and we hope they will return next year. We had drawings throughout the event, and many lucky people came away with some prizes. Many of our members had either a booth with useful radio gear or were energetically helping out with the event. We all came away thrilled. Hopefully, next year it will be packed with people until the building itself is overflowing. Plans are to have another in 2017.


In August, The league had a special meeting tour of the National Weather Service in Old Hickory Tennessee.

We all had a blast, and enjoyed the tour and talking to the intelligent and hospitable people who tirelessly work for the weather service.

The league appreciates the work @NWSNashville does and the sacrifices they make.

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October 2016:

Our Weekly Radio NET changed to Friday’s @ 8pm



November 2016:

New Facebook Chat Group  Join Us!

In December we had elections and the  annual Christmas meeting:

Election Results:

 President -Noah Winslow

Vice President -Jeremy Eshleman

Secretary -Elijah Winslow

Public Information Officer- John McKinney

Trustee- Nicholas Winslow

W.A.R.C Liason- Jerry Lee



I hope everyone enjoyed a few highlights from the 2016 Wilson County Radio League. To all the people interested in Radio, I hope you decide to join us in 2017 for more radio fun!