Clubs: What Is the Point?

Why do Ham Radio Clubs exist? Why should we join them? Why should we make them? These questions might be revolving around someone’s head right now. I hope we can shed some light on this topic.

  1. Clubs inform the public about the joy of radio – By having a club, many people can draw radio enthusiasts  into the hobby. This will induce many people to take the test and become hams.
  2. Clubs draw local Ham Radio Communities together – Having a radio club in your county can bring many local hams together. After they are together in a club, they can accomplish many more things than one ham alone could do such as making a repeater.
  3. Clubs can make many good friendships – This is fairly self-explanatory. Clubs connect people.

    WCRL’s First Summer Field Day

I hope we have convinced someone to be active with a club. In its year and a half since creation, WCRL has brought together and strengthened Hams in Wilson County.  We have maintained a club repeater. Drawing radio enthusiasts together into our club, we have become friends and truly made this club what it is today.



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