HamQuest: Was It a Success?

Yes! We had bunches of people come to HamQuest all day long. Almost all of the tables were full during the event. We also had a great tailgating section. Ham World was in a temporary store beside the event, and we hope they will return next year. We had drawings through out the event, and many lucky people came away with some prizes. Many of our members had either a booth with useful radio gear or were energetically helping out with the event. We all came away thrilled. Hopefully, next year it will be packed with people until the building itself is overflowing.


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Memorial Donation Fund Established for MJPD & FDMJ Communication Supervisor’s Son

Mt. Juliet Police Newsroom


Words are never adequate in moments like these, but we are all grieving after our Communications Center Supervisor’s 1-year-old son passed away this morning in a tragic accident. Our department is close, and this event affects us all. However, our grief and confusion are small compared to what the Long family must be feeling. Our hearts and prayers go out to them.

Her husband proudly serves as a Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy, and we stand alongside the Wilson County Sheriffs Office in support of the Long family during this difficult time.

Many in the community have heard the news and are asking how they can help the family. A memorial donation fund has been established at Wilson Bank & Trust, and all locations are able to accept donations under the name of Deputy Long.


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Clubs: What Is the Point?

Why do Ham Radio Clubs exist? Why should we join them? Why should we make them? These questions might be revolving around someone’s head right now. I hope we can shed some light on this topic.

  1. Clubs inform the public about the joy of radio – By having a club, many people can draw radio enthusiasts  into the hobby. This will induce many people to take the test and become hams.
  2. Clubs draw local Ham Radio Communities together – Having a radio club in your county can bring many local hams together. After they are together in a club, they can accomplish many more things than one ham alone could do such as making a repeater.
  3. Clubs can make many good friendships – This is fairly self-explanatory. Clubs connect people.

    WCRL’s First Summer Field Day

I hope we have convinced someone to be active with a club. In its year and a half since creation, WCRL has brought together and strengthened Hams in Wilson County.  We have maintained a club repeater. Drawing radio enthusiasts together into our club, we have become friends and truly made this club what it is today.


Our Tribute To Wilson County’s Finest

13 years ago today, 2 of Wilson County’s finest were killed in the line of duty.  This is a small tribute to the huge sacrifice that Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy John Wayne Musice and Mt. Juliet Police Sgt Jerry Alton Mundy  made on July 9th, 2003.

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Deputy Musice and Sergeant Jerry Mundy, of the Mount Juliet Police Department, were struck and killed by a vehicle being pursued by officers on I-40.

The chase had originally gone through Marysville and Knoxville, but officers called off the pursuit and notified other agencies along the highway. When the vehicle entered Wilson County, officers resumed the pursuit again at speeds reaching 140 mph. The vehicle struck Deputy Musice and Sergeant Mundy as they attempted to lay down stop sticks near exit 226.

The two female occupants of the fleeing vehicle were injured in the incident and taken into custody at a local hospital

On June 30, 2004, the driver of the car was convicted of two counts of first degree murder and received two life sentences.

Deputy Musice had been employed with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department for 15 years, and is survived by his wife, six children, and 12 grandchildren.

Sergeant Mundy had been employed with the Mount Juliet Police Department for 15 years, and is survived by his wife, parents, four children, two sisters, and brother.

Portable Systems

Have you every made a portable ham radio system? They are fun to make. The goal is to make a box with a radio, power supply, antenna, and maybe even a fan. Having it around during an emergency situation, it can greatly help many situations. You can make HF portables, however, 2m and or 440 radios work well locally. It is just an idea, but it can help many emergencies. Hope it serves you well.

Portable System on the right. 








Another Portable System