Ham Quest

Is approaching on swift wings, please stop by. More info here.


An Older WCRL Booth 

The Future

Now that we have covered the past of WCRL News, we are going to cover the future.

We hope to have more video posts. Not just of reviews, no, we hope we will have videos of our events and much more. It hopefully will let you feel more in touch with this club.

More comments. We would love more feedback! Send us a comment! We do not care if it is criticism in fact we would like to know what we may be doing wrong. Commenting, readers of this website will help us know if we are improving our news section. IMG_4625

More posts. Hopefully, in the future we will be able to make even more posts. This might involve the P.I.O. recruiting some help but that is too far in the future to know for certain.

Thank you for the views! We at the WCRL want to thank you for the kind attention you have paid this club, and we will hopefully improve ourselves even more in the coming years!


The Past

When the Wilson Radio League was founded in December 2014, our website had an “Updates” page where our posts went.  We didn’t really know what it would be used for, as we were very much still hammering out details of both our goals and website. I believe that the creation of this page was brought on by our then Vice President, Jacob (W4JZE).

Fast forward several months to June of 2015.  Our few but dedicated members were working hard to grow the organization, trying out new ideas and researching ways to make a modern and appealing radio club. One of the steps taken was to locate a more public meeting place at Cumberland University.  Our President, Nicholas (KK4UTQ) was responsible for this feat.

At roughly the same time that our meeting space was approved, I stumbled upon this article by K9JY.  Weather you agree with this article or not, it gave our then Net Manager and Webmaster, Noah (N4OAH) an inspiration.  We needed a way to easily display the fact that we are an active and diverse group, taking full advantage of the technology at our disposal. The “Updates” tab was changed to read “WCRL News” and it’s first post was made on June 9, announcing our new meeting location.IMG_8868

After Field Day 2015 Noah (N4OAH) approached Jeremy (N7VXX) about becoming our Public Information Officer.  Jeremy’s first post was about Field Day (linked to above).

Stay tuned for a follow up post about the WCRL News on June 9th!!!