8 Trends From Our Media Survey

The other night we released the results of the WCRL Media Survey. Some of the statistics were surprising, even baffling. Here are 8 interesting takes that we got by looking at the data breakdown from the survey. If you haven’t already viewed the survey results, read that post here. If you wish to fill out the survey, you can do so here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.44.18 PM

1-  Dominant Viewing Methods

Facebook and WordPress are tied as the dominant WCRL media viewing form. These two services combined make up 88.8% of those surveyed. Twitter barely ranked, a distant 11.1%, with Google + coming in at 0%.

2-  Notifications
44.4% of those surveyed do not receive notifications when we make a new post. This is surprising because of the fact that all of the services used for viewing our media offer this function. WordPress users were only slightly more likely than average to receive notifications (75% of WordPress users said they received notifications, as opposed to Facebook at 50% and Twitter at 0%)
3-  Notifications cont.
Not altogether surprisingly, those who received notifications were more likely to “always” read our posts. 60%  of those who receive notifications”always” read our posts, as opposed to those who did not receive notifications (0% “always” read our posts, 100% “usually” read our posts).
4-  Want to see more of
Facebook users were more likely to want to see more about community events (75% of Facebook users said this, as opposed to 40% of all other users selecting this option).  All in all, most users wanted to see more about WCRL events (66.7% chose this option) with community events coming in second place (55.6% chose this option). Technical topics and General Ham Radio news came in trailing far behind.
5-  Pictures, links and videos

100% of WordPress users “Loved” pictures, links and videos. The over all result was that 66.7% of those surveyed chose this option, with 0% hating them or thinking we need less.

6-  Static information

Surprisingly, everyone was pretty even on using the League website for static information/resources. I thought WordPress users would be the highest (given the fact that they are going to the website) but apparently not.

7-  Comments and likes

33.3% of people “often” commented/liked out posts, with 55.6% choosing “occasionally”. Facebook users were most likely to be in the “often” category (50%) whereas 100% of WordPress users chose “rarely”.

8-  Multiple mediums
75% of Cookbook users used other mediums for viewing League media, with WordPress coming in at 50%. Over all, 66.7% of those surveyed used more than one medium for viewing League media.

What we took away from the survey

  • Because almost all of our views come from Facebook and WordPress, we will continue to make both sites fun, enjoyable and functional viewing experiences.
  • Since Twitter in such a minority of our views, we will put extra effort into making sure that our posts look good over there.
  • Due to the large and positive response, we will continue to use and improve our pictures, links and videos in posts.
  • Due to a mismatch between the number of people who said they commented/liked our posts and the actual comments/likes, we will work to spur comment activity.
  • We will continue to improve our static resources in order to keep them interesting and of a high quality. We may also create posts in the future to promote the different resources on our website, as well as to gather more of them.
  • Due to a surprising number of people who did NOT receive notifications when we make a new post, we will be putting extra effort into encouraging viewers to subscribe via their medium of choice.
  • A dream of ours, the Wilson Radio League YouTube channel, may be coming to fruition this summer!
Again, thanks to all those who participated in the survey!
//J Eshleman (N7VXX) & N Winslow (N4OAH)

One thought on “8 Trends From Our Media Survey”

  1. “75% of Cookbook users used other mediums for viewing League media…”

    Typo or did I miss the option for cookbook users?


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