Ham Radio & Backup Power

Last night, a portion of Wilson County lost power for a little over an hour, affecting approximately 1400 people and 2 WCRL members. There is an adage that “When all else fails, Ham Radio still works”. In order for this to be correct, Ham’s should consider what their options would be like in the absence of commercial power.


Short outages like this remind us why we should have a backup plan in place, and why it should be tested regularly. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy, having a fully charged handheld radio or a power inverter on your car will help ensure that you stay connected.

As Johnny (KM4OMS) said last night “It really helps you plan for next time by actually having it happen to you.  Lots of ideas for me to work on.”

This post is not meant to be a plethora of technical information about backup power, rather a simple reminder for Hams to stay ahead of the curve and think forward. Many excellent articles on this subject are available on the web and, as always, anyone with questions is encouraged to start a thread on the Greater Nashville Ham Radio Operators Forum.



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