Wilson ECC recruiting volunteers

Many of our League members, myself included, volunteer with the Wilson County ECC. It is an excellent opportunity for  individuals with a passion for serving their community and an interest in communications.  Anyone interested in learning more about the Wilson ECC can contact the email address in the below posting


The Wilson County Emergency Coordination Center is actively seeking community volunteers! The ECC operates out of the Lebanon Emergency Services Unit building on Sparta Pike and activates during weather incidents, hazmat incidents, Meth Labs, and other large scale events as resource for public safety officials. Our volunteers receive training, such as Weather and Radar Inerpretation and even Radio Operations. The facility is a safe, secure building and is family friendly. The only requirements are to be over 16 years old and pass a background check. Current volunteers range from 16-70! This is a great opportunity to get involved in public safety and give back to your community, especially if you are interested in public safety and/or weather. If you are interested, please contact me directly at



3 thoughts on “Wilson ECC recruiting volunteers”

  1. While I don’t have a Facebook account, their FB page is not apparently accessible. Is there somewhere else they’ve posted this valuable information.

    IMO FB is NOT a good place for the county Sheriff to be posting things…..


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