No nets Christmas/New Years Eve

We not be holding our regular training net Christmas Eve (Dec 24) or New Years Eve (Dec 31). Our net control stations will be spending this time with their families in celebration. The regular Net Schedule will resume in January 2016. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! 

// N Winslow (N4OAH)- WCRL Secretary 


New Repeater

We have an exciting announcement this week. We are getting a new repeater! It is going to be a gigantic step up from our older repeater. It is the Yaesu DR-1X. The repeater itself is amazing. It is an FM repeater but also has digital capabilities.  We jumped at the  good deal, and we will hopefully get the repeater next month! We hope once we get the repeater up, it will be given a nice work out.  Hopefully it will have a larger coverage, but we will find that out later. We will see you guys on the air soon!


Christmas Meeting Results

Last night we had a very successful meeting. A guest and some family came, and we all enjoyed a good meal of pizza and fried chicken. We did get a couple of other things done, which includes some new officers! Noah (N4OAH) has been promoted to the rank of secretary, and Paul (K4PEW) is now our vice-president. We did a couple of other things which I will post about later on. For info look at our officers page.

We also celebrated the 1st anniversary of the League! Hopefully there will be many more!