Christmas Meeting

Our next meeting is December eighth, and hopefully we will all have fun! In lieu of an average meeting, we are having a Christmas meeting. Almost all of the business part of the meeting will be thrown out. We are only going to vote for our new officers. Anyone is welcome to bring snacks and drinks. Family and friends are also welcome so please have fun!



No Net

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Just a quick announcement, we are having no Net this week so feel free to talk on the repeater. We are having family time this week, so none of us have the time to run a net this week. Thanks for your patience, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Vanity Calls

A couple of months ago the FCC made all vanity calls free! Unsurprisingly, a couple of us decided to take advantage of this. I have changed my call from KK4WAO to N7VXX. I first got my call almost three years ago, and I have enjoyed every minute. Noah (KK4UTR) has changed his call sign into N4OAH. He has been a ham for three years, and he is a charter member of our club. He is now the net manager as well. And finally, Elijah Winslow (KM4NCA) has also changed his call sign to K9ELI. He has now been a ham for a couple of months. Remember about this new update of the FCC’s and get the call you want!