Open house (revised)

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Open House

Finally this October, we are going to have our first ever open house. We will be at Cumberland University in room 115 of Labry Hall. WCRL will have a couple of displays about ham radio and will have a couple of radios on display as well. If you do not quite know what ham radio is, please feel free to come by and we will show you. We hope to see you there!


Maker Faire

We had a lot of fun at the maker faire this Saturday. A couple of people came over to our booth to ask some questions. A lot of people have heard of ham radio, but never found the time to get their licenses. We hope that we have motivated them to try to study for their licenses. Hopefully the people that were at the maker faire will come over and join our club. All in all, we hope that we educated some people about amateur radio, and maybe they will even join our club! Here is a link to a bunch of photos from the maker faire.


#Nashvillemakerfaire tomorow

We look foreward to seeing you all at tomorows #Nashvillemakerfaire! While the MCP will not be making an apearence, we have lots of other equipment that will, along with a host of League members excited to meet people and show off their hobby. Please take appropriate precautions to avoid the I40 @ I65 closure and arrive safely.

//KK4UTR #Nashvillemakerfaire

Road Closure to affect Maker Faire attendees

  Editors Note: This article has been modified to clarifiy details of the road closure.

I40 Westbound beginning at the I65 junction will be closed during the #Nashvillemakerfaire this coming Saturday. This closure will affect those coming from Wilson County and other eastern areas. In addition to giving yourself extra traveltime, drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes. The directions below may be helpful to those coming from I40.

If you are heading toward the maker fair this Saturday you need to get off I40 at I440, then take I440 to I65 and take Chesnut street to Greer stadium (Maker Faire parking area). We look foward to seeing you there!



Nashville Mini Maker Fair

The third annual Nashville Mini Maker Faire will be held on September the 12th at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville.  The League will be set up in conjunction with Chickenroadlabs showing off our hobby and talking to prospective amateurs. Last year we had a blast and had lots of opprotunities to talk to people about amateur radio, and it is our hope that this year will be the same. Come by and see us! Here is a link to the Adventure Science Center website.


#Nashvillemakerfaire IMG_2989