KM4GHM-R Echolink node

  The KM4GHM-R Echolink node is now on line as a link between the World Wide Web and the 444.950 repeater. This link is open to anyone wishing to use it and can be found by searching the Echolink database for node #324555.  We made the decision to integrate an Echolink node to our system so that the KM4GHM repeater could continue to be a common meeting place for those who may be outside the coverage area of our repeater.

KM4GHM repeater
KM4GHM repeater

  I asked our repeater Trustee, Nicholas Winslow (KK4UTQ) what the purpose of having this node was.   He explained that, at times, circumstances may keep League members from accessing the repeater directly.  League member Jess Forkum (KK4WAP) is a prime example of this, attending college outside of the area, but remaining active in the League.  “Echolink is just another tool used to keep everyone in the loop.” He also clarified that “RF will always have priority.  Echolink may be temporarily unavailable, despite our best efforts.” and that “While Echolink is open to everyone and does remain a useful method of communication, we will be vigilant in using it as an addition to, and not a replacement for, RF.”



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