Weekly Training Net

The WCRL Thursday night Training Net will be starting operations next Thursday, August 6th at 8:30pm on the KM4GHM repeater.


IMG_1365In an interview with our Net Manager, Noah-KK4UTR, I asked him what the League’s goals were in starting this net.  He explained that the League has a strong desire to help hams continue their education so that they may better serve the community.  Every week there will be training material on some topic, primarily a mixture of emergency services and technical material.  In goals for the future, the League would like to see more people coming forward with training they would like to share. “All of us have certain areas of proficiency, and we are hoping to harness that and come up with useful and interesting material that everyone can learn from.” He also stressed that “this net is not about numbers. This is about continued education.  All licensed amateurs are encouraged to check in, and anyone who has the capability is encouraged to listen. ” and that “a goal of mine is to be able to record at least some of these sessions for future reference.”



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