Repeater’s Up!

No this isn’t the start to a weird ham radio version of a Brandtly Gilbert song.  After eight long months of toil, we finally have our first repeater online!!! A group of dedicated League members all went out to the repeater site last Tuesday to put KM4GHM on line and see the fruits of our labor. The mission started at 4pm with a safety briefing by Secretary Andrews (N0CTA), and then the work began.

After running feed line out to the tower, the task of getting our 16 foot Comet GP-9 and LMR-400 coax up the tower began. Repeater Trustee Winslow (KK4UTQ) went up on a cherry picker lift to do the deed with others providing ground support. The antenna went up and KM4GHM went online circa 6:30 Below are some pictures of the event which will go down as a proud point in League history! More pics will be added to the Gallery page at a later date.  For information on the repeater, please view the repeaters page.




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