Field Day 2015

     Field Day is a time when amateur radio operators from all over come together and set up their portable radio equipment, typically on alternate power.  Field day is the largest single amateur radio event of the year and has been celebrated by generations of hams.

          This Field Day the WARC kindly invited our League to join them in setting up at the county fair grounds. Bright and early Saturday morning we took the mobile command post out for the first time since it’s construction was completed.                                                                   Overall, setup went fairly well and proved to be educational for all of us.  We  then spent the afternoon helping WC4AR participate in the ARRL field day contest, followed up by hamburgers and hotdogs in the evening. Because of our Field Day commitment on Sunday, we opted to pack up after dinner and headed back to chickenroadlabs for the evening.

Sunday morning we went to Cedar Forrest  where the park rangers were kind enough to give us a spot to hold the WCRL Field Day.  Our Field Day was different from most in that we took no part in the ARRL contesting, in fact, we didn’t even have HF capabilities. For this event our primary focus was on honing our public service communication skills. This was the first full setup of the Mobile Command Post and the beginning of our volunteer’s intro to dispatch training.  After the morning briefing units were dispatched to various simulated missions including a hidden transmitter hunt and GPS coordinate searches amongst others. During one of these missions, #503 lost a piece of equipment off of his HT, giving us an opportunity to practice proper line search procedures.

Field day of 2015 was the League’s very first Field Day and proved to be a success worth repeating.

~KK4WAO (badge# 503)


RACK Knoxville (Hamfest report)

The "sunsphere" over Knoxville, TN

This past Saturday we decided to go up to the annual R.A.C.K Knoxville hamfest. We went looking for a little of everything, and certainly found it.

Amongst other things we purchased LMR-600 cable for the KM4GHM repeater, a 2.4GHZ parabolic dish for the WCRL mobile command post and a surplus….Read more here

WCRL Now meeting at Cumberland!

The Wilson County Radio League is now holding it’s monthly meetings in room 115 of Labry hall at Cumberland University in           Lebanon. Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.  Guests and walk-ins are welcome, no RSVP necessary.

We would like to thank the folks at CU for letting us meet in Labry hall! A larger room with more technological resources has already proven a great asset for the League. We hope that the more public and centralized location will allow us to draw in more guests and continue to grow the League.