Net Hiatus

After some review, we have decided to put our information net on break until the repeater is on air, which should only be about two weeks. The goal has always been to move it to the repeater, as it was only a simplex net out of necessity. I feel like the simplex portion of the net has been well worthwhile, and would like to thank everyone for participating. We now have a smoothly running system ready to move over to the repeater. At this time we will also begin advertising the net to generate more checkins. 73 to all,

(a side note, the WCRL will still be looking for ways to exercise our simplex capabilities in addition to the repeater net. Our goal is to have a group of well rounded operators, repeater to simplex, band to band, mode to mode and etc. Flexibility is the name of the game. Semper Gumbi!)

                         KK4UTR, Net Manager

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